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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Absence maketh the heart grow fonder??

The other morning, I was driving to Salt Lake City for work (which is a story in and of itself that I won't get into right now,) and it was raining.  It was the first rain of the Fall season, and it was the cold kind, where it creates a fog that covers the mountains.  A darkness blanketed the entire valley, and as I looked into the west that darkness ran as far as I could see.   It felt like the sun would never shine again.  The day matched my mood, or did my mood match the day? I couldn't tell, but I could barely see the car in front of me which is just exactly how I've been feeling lately. I can only see what's right in front of me.. and everything else around is just cold, and wet, and foggy.    And although logically, I know that eventually the sun will come out again, I find it difficult to imagine.  It's hard to see my life ever being different than now, even though I know that I was born to become a Mother, and that my spirit has so much to learn and become. In a couple of short months, my difficult situation at worwill be over, but how do I lift the fog of my own life? If it were only as simple as waiting it out a couple of months. 

The good news is: at the end of the day, as I was driving home, even though it was still relativley dreary, and the rain hadn't ceased, the clouds had parted out west, and there were some rays peeking in and ever so slightly lighting up the valley in a most extraordinary way. 
And I felt hope. 
And I remembered that everything is a type and a shadow of Christ.  No matter what we experience, we always have Him to depend on for peace, and happiness, and because of His perfect life, and His Atonement, some how.. some way... I'm going to be okay. 

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