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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Once upon a time they lived happily ever after

I went to the library today! Thats right, I said it, the library!  Old school, I know, but I'm 29 what can I say? It has been so long since I went there, that when I went to check out my books, my card wasn't even in the system anymore.  The last time something like that happened was when my mom waited six years to take us to the dentist only to find they no longer had our chart!  :(  Thats what happens when you neglect.. you disappear.  Anyway, I'm taking on a new mantra this year that I don't need to buy everything I want when I want it.  Instead, I'd like to get as much as I can possibly get for free. Yippee!!   (This includes a week-long membership to a Zumba gym, and a month-long membership to Gold's Gym all for FREE!)
Anyway, shout out to Carlos, my helper today who was so patient as he looked up the LONG list of I have just got to get my hands on this book books.  Did you know that not only can you be put on a waiting list if it's not available, but if your library doesn't have it, one of their sister libraries does, and they will ship it to your library, and even CALL you when its available to come pick up.  This is all for free!  What are we doing buying books people when we can get them without paying a dime?!
Anyway, I get it that to you I am just ranting on about library books but my mom used to read incessantly, and the longer I live without her, the more I love when I see her in myself.  She would be giddy listening to her daughter be excited about words on paper.


  1. Welcome to "Blog Heaven"! The library is AWESOME! We love to go there, but I haven't been for while because I so owe them about $25 for a damaged book. I will deny until the day that I die that I damaged any type of book. Welcome again!

  2. Way to go Casey! I had to go to the library my job doesn't cover fun expenses anymore it covers the boring stuff like food and shoes. Or should I call you Aliseha?

  3. Guys!! Thanks for being my first two commenters on my blog! Yay!