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Sunday, April 24, 2011

If one more person asks me "why aren't you married" I swear I'll....

One of my besties, Anna, wrote on her facebook status the other day: "What is the definition of success?"  I thought about it for a bit, and ultimately chose not to write anything, because the question required more pondering than my ten minutes on facebook allotted me.
Tomorrow is Easter. I had a game night with some friends (and one stranger) tonight, and the stranger told me I can't guarantee that I wont change my mind about the church some day.  While I only said "it's highly unlikely,"  what I wanted to say was this:
I've had enough experiences to know for a surety that it's real.  I KNOW that Christ really did suffer for my sins, die on the cross, and was resurrected three days later, and that the minute all that happened, it changed EVERYTHING FOREVER. I know that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is HIS restored church upon the earth.  I know that Families are meant to be together forever, and that there is power in God's love for us, and our willingness to follow Him. That power in God's love envelopes the entirety of God's children on the earth... which means that need for Christ and His atonement puts all on an equal level with one another, no matter what we believe, do, say, etc.  Because I know this, I can forgive others for their mistakes, just as I wish for God to forgive me of mine.
Knowing all of these, and putting it into practice are the two sides of the perfect coin, and I am most at peace in my life when these two sides jive together.  I naively made a deal with the Lord more than ten years ago (and boy oh boy has he stayed true to it) that He could put me through whatever He needed to, and I will stay true, if only I can accomplish my full potential in the end.  I have so far to go, that sometimes it seems a daunting and impossible task, but Anners, I guess my answer to your question is this: success is accomplishing your full potential in whatever the attempt.
Dear God,  please help me be successful in my existence as intelligence.

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