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Monday, May 2, 2011


Just got back from Vegas for the weekend.  It was beautiful weather, and I didn't get a sunburn, which for me, is a huge accomplishment.  I find it so fascinating how when you pull up to the city, and the lights are blaring, and the buildings all look so glamorous, and shiny. It is truly mesmerizing, until you actually arrive.  After that, give me about 25 minutes on the strip, and I'm done.  As I walk into each blingin' hotel, and am transfixed by the bright beautiful lights, the bumpin' music, and ringing of the slots, the intricate detail with-which they decorate everything.. and yet, it takes me about ten minutes to become bored, and ready for the next shiny visual.  There is really not much other than gambling, drinking, shows, and shopping, so if you're not planning on any of those, then save the sun, Las-Vegas Blvd. quickly loses its appeal.   So... we pulled up to our little time-share, which had a perfect little kitchen, and comfortable beds, as well as a fantastic pool, and enjoyed our stay off the strip.  I made a couple of new friends who joined us in a game of Phase 10. These old men were from LA and they had never heard of it.  "It must be a Utah game,"  they reported huffily. But they were good sports about losing (wink wink.)  I've decided ultimately what makes a vacation fun is the company you bring along.. Shout out to all my girls who joined me in sun shiny, sin city this weekend!  We missed a snow storm here, and for that, it was all worth it.

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